About this Blog

What you’re looking at is not so much a blog in the usual sense as a story, told in regularly provided servings. In their entirety, they constitute a book titled The Penitent King. It is the first volume of a fantasy trilogy, The Currents of Heaven.

Trilogies tend to be pretty big and ambitious projects. I know what will happen in this one, and how it all will end. Nevertheless, parts two and three are still in the works. In the meantime, I’d like to start sharing the tale of The Penitent King, which is complete already. I’m simply curious to see if you’ll enjoy it.

In spite of its overarching title, The Currents of Heaven is not a religious tale. If you would like to read it as one, you certainly can; it is in many ways a spiritual story intended to have a universal appeal that will neither exclude nor offend anyone.

First and foremost, however, it is an adventure!

Strange and often dangerous lands will be traversed! Mystical places will be explored, hardships endured and grave dangers be braved! Friendships will be forged, foes encountered and battled—though often it will not be so clear who truly is a foe (or friend). Secrets will be pondered and at times unraveled, and great mysteries be fathomed!

That sort of thing.

Who will do all this?

Why, an illustrious cast of characters, naturally. Can I tempt you to join them? It’ll be quite the journey, and it starts… well, right here and now, as a matter of fact.