The Jacket Copy

The story of The Penitent King in a Nutshell.

In Stellia’s village, no one questions the ascendancy of the all-embracing Faith, or the authority of its representatives. But when her little brother is abducted by a high-ranking clergyman, Stellia wants to know by what right, to what end, he was taken from his home. Instead of answers, she finds herself accused of apostasy and threatened with imprisonment, perhaps worse. Stellia flees the village.

Determined to save her brother, she joins forces with an orphaned noblewoman and two mysterious swordsmen who have reasons of their own for trailing the boy’s abductor. Her new allies have much to teach Stellia about the Faith and its leaders. But even they cannot begin to guess at her brother’s secret destiny—and the price mankind will pay if he does not fulfill it…

Ready to dive in? Off we go!